1. Establishment of Company (Local PT, PMA and Representative Office)
    We have many experiences in establishment of Company such as in the field of :
    • Oil and Gas, Mining, Mining Services, Agriculture, Power Plant, Telecommunication,
    • Construction, Engineering, General Trading, Consultant, Industry, Freight Forwarding, etc.
    • We also provide Virtual office for your office address need.

  2. Corporate legal activities, such as :
    • Changing of Incorporation deed such as domicile, nature of business, management, capital, shareholders, etc.
    • Prepare of MOU, Agreements, Power of Attorney, etc.
    • Documents legalization.

  3. Corporate Permits and Licenses, such as :
    • Corporate Licenses : Domicile permit, NPWP, PKP, SIUP, TDP, SBU, SIUJK, SIUJPT, SIUJS, IUI, UUG, SKT Oil and Gas, etc.
    • Foreign Investment Licenses : SP-BKPM, IUT, MASTER LIST, LKPM, Business expansion, etc.
    • Import Licenses : API-U, API-P, NIK, NPIK, IP Iron-Steel, IT, etc.
    • Importations facilities : Master list for duty free importation of capital goods and raw material goods including Income tax and VAT exemption.
    • Associations: Membership of Kadin (Industry and Trade Chamber), Construction associations, etc.
    • Land and Building Licenses : Location Permit, Site plan, IMB, Land Certificates.
    • Environmental and disturbance permit.

  4. Expatriate Licenses: RPTKA, KITAS, IMTA, MERP, etc.

  5. Legal process for Selling Purchasing of Corporate Properties, such as
    • Sell Purchase Deed/Agreement.
    • Upgrade and extension of Ownership right of land.
    • Transfer of name in land certificate.
    • Siteplan and IMB

  6. Corporate Legal Due Diligence.